New 15mm Ultracast Ancients!

We’ve just added four new pouches to our webstore, expanding our 15mm plastic Ultracast Early Imperial Roman and Gallic ranges: Celtic Light Chariots @ £8 British Skirmishers @ £10 Early Imperial Roman Armoured Archers @ £10 Early Imperial Roman Scorpios @ £6 These plastic miniatures are based on the superb metal range by Corvus Belli, […]

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Mortem et Gloriam: Age of Attila

We’re very excited to announce that the first book in the Battles of the Great Commanders series, which supplements our Mortem et Gloriam rulebook, will be available very soon.  This book, covering campaigns around the Fall of the Roman Empire, will be shipped in September 2020, but you can order it now by clicking HERE. […]

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