June 1st MeG + Northag Update

Hi All

We are hearing that retailers across the world are pre- selling Northag and MeG.

We would just like to assure you that no orders have been taken from Retailers and

no order forms have been sent out to them so they do not have stock nor will they

have an opportunity to order any until all the pre orders and website orders have been


So all the Northag pre orders have shipped. All waves, all freebies, everything! Website

orders will start shipping this week.

MeG pre orders we are still working our way through so please continue to be patient.

This is going to be a slow process so please will all website customers be aware that as

of last week any orders placed will not be shipped until 3 weeks after the order date.

8 Replies to “June 1st MeG + Northag Update”

  1. Mark Betts says:

    I,ve got my rules for Meg but not the Hunnic pacto box when will this be sent out thanks

    1. Anita Beros says:

      Hi Mark

      Posted out already, you have received them now right?

  2. nigel.366.ashcroft says:

    My MeG 2 arrived today, so thanks for that. BUT where’s my freebie for being patient, as per your statement in a shipping update:
    “we will shipping your orders asap after the preorders with a little extra thank you freebie for your patience”

    1. Anita Beros says:

      Hi Nigel
      Im afraid I wasnt aware of this, ill check with Will
      and send whatever the item is to you


  3. Michael Spence says:

    Can you please advise when the Huns will be sent out from the pre orders or if you are ofering an alternative.

    1. Anita Beros says:

      All sent out now. Please contact me at
      anita-theplasticsoldierco@hotmail.co.uk if they do not arrive
      Kind regards

  4. Alistair says:

    There have been no updates for a while.
    I received my MEG Compendium Box Set on 30th May (thank you), but have not heard anything about the Huns Starter Army
    Please could you advise when I can expect to receive these?
    Alistair -backer ID 16141725

    1. Anita Beros says:

      Hi Alistair they have all been posted out now so you should have received yours.
      Please contact me at anita-theplasticsoldierco@hotmail.co.uk if they do not arrive.


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