15mm plastic Ultracast Classical Greeks ready to order

We’ve added a new MeG Pacto Starter Army to the webstore today – Classical Greeks available HERE. They will start shipping at the end of the month. These are licensed from the stunningly good Xyston metal range, and we think these castings are our best yet in 15mm. We’ve got a new caster on board […]

PSC inevitable price rise – but some good news too!

As you’re no doubt already aware, the price of many global commodities has rocketed in the past year and a bit. This includes the plastic we use in our injection-moulding process. We’ve absorbed the rising costs for as long as possible, but from 5 May 2021 the price of our 15mm and 1/72 kits is […]

New release: 20mm Ultracast Pacific War US Marines!

We’ve added this very exciting new box to our webstore today! We’ll start shipping next week. The US Marine Corps Platoon box includes: 5 x HQ, 3 x NCOs, 30 x riflemen, 9 x BARs. These models are licenced from Xan Miniatures and we think they look great. We have a support weapons box coming […]

New release: 1/72 Russian GAZ Trucks

We have a new 1/72 hard plastic kit available from today – the GAZ Truck, for all of your WW2 Soviet needs! This box contains 6 models: 3 GAZ-AA Trucks and 3 GAZ-AAA Trucks. BUY YOURS HERE

New 15mm Ultracast pouch: Numidian Cavalry

We’ve just added a new pouch to our 15mm Mortem et Gloriam range – Numidian Cavalry. These are useful for lots of armies as Numidian light cavalry were commonly used as mercenary troops by several armies! Get yours HERE.

New 15mm Ultracast release: HYW French Army

We thought we’d give you an enemy for our popular Hundred Years’ War English Army to battle against: it’s the Hundred Years’ War French Pacto Starter Army of course! These miniatures come from the same range as the English, originally cast in metal by Corvus Belli. We’re casting them under licence in our semi-flexible Ultracast plastic and boxing them for […]

1/72 Universal Carrier Variants back in stock

Our 1/72 Universal Carrier Variants box is now back in stock – get yours HERE!

Valentine’s Weekend Sale

Roses are red Violets are blue We have plenty of kits In our sale just for you We all know that nothing says ‘I love you’ more than some new model kits and boardgames! So visit our website from midnight on Friday 12th February through to midnight on Sunday 14th February to grab some bargains […]

20mm Ultracast Afrika Korps released

Following on from our British Eighth Army Platoon box, we’ve released a German Afrika Korps box. We’ll begin shipping next week. BUY IN OUR SHOP BY CLICKING HERE The box contains 44 miniatures cast in our Ultracast plastic. We are planning support packs for both the British and Germans in North Africa, plus plenty more […]

1/72 Cromwell and Steyr back in stock

We’ve restocked these two 1/72 kits. Get yours here: British Cromwell Tank German Steyr Heavy Car We have more kits coming back into stock over the coming weeks!