New 15mm Ultracast Achaemenid Persians released!

Our 15mm plastic Ultracast Achaemenid Persian Pacto Starter Army has just been released! These miniatures are produced under licence from the superb Xyston range, and we’re delighted to see them added to our ever-expanding Ultracast range.

More 15mm kits back in stock

15mm German trucks, Panzer III J-N, British A9/A10 tank, British Paras, US Infantry and Leopard 1’s all back in stock!

Free shield decals for our 15mm Ultracast Greeks

Nigel Emsen has very kindly created some shield decals to go with our 15mm Ultracast plastic Ancient Greeks. Download the file HERE, print it out on suitable decal paper, and away you go. Thanks Nigel!

Shipping news for our EU customers

We have some great news for our friends and customers in the EU. When you order direct from our webstore, your items will now be shipped DDP (Delivered Duties Paid). This means that you will not be asked to make any additional payment when your items arrive, as duties and taxes are collected during the order […]

Back in stock: 1/72nd SdKfz 250 Neu halftrack with variant options

Three SdKfz 250 “Neu” halftracks. Each sprue includes options to build variants SdKfz 250/7 mortar carrier, SdKfz 250/8 Stummel, SdKfz 250/9 recce, SdKfz 250/10 Pak 36 with stielgranate and eight crew figures Available HERE.

15mm plastic Ultracast Classical Greeks ready to order

We’ve added a new MeG Pacto Starter Army to the webstore today – Classical Greeks available HERE. They will start shipping at the end of the month. These are licensed from the stunningly good Xyston metal range, and we think these castings are our best yet in 15mm. We’ve got a new caster on board […]

PSC inevitable price rise – but some good news too!

As you’re no doubt already aware, the price of many global commodities has rocketed in the past year and a bit. This includes the plastic we use in our injection-moulding process. We’ve absorbed the rising costs for as long as possible, but from 5 May 2021 the price of our 15mm and 1/72 kits is […]

New release: 20mm Ultracast Pacific War US Marines!

We’ve added this very exciting new box to our webstore today! We’ll start shipping next week. The US Marine Corps Platoon box includes: 5 x HQ, 3 x NCOs, 30 x riflemen, 9 x BARs. These models are licenced from Xan Miniatures and we think they look great. We have a support weapons box coming […]

New release: 1/72 Russian GAZ Trucks

We have a new 1/72 hard plastic kit available from today – the GAZ Truck, for all of your WW2 Soviet needs! This box contains 6 models: 3 GAZ-AA Trucks and 3 GAZ-AAA Trucks. BUY YOURS HERE

New 15mm Ultracast pouch: Numidian Cavalry

We’ve just added a new pouch to our 15mm Mortem et Gloriam range – Numidian Cavalry. These are useful for lots of armies as Numidian light cavalry were commonly used as mercenary troops by several armies! Get yours HERE.