Black Friday Sale: 27-29 November

Our Black Friday Sale runs from Friday 27 November to midnight on Sunday 29 November 2020. We’re offering great discounts on selected lines while stocks last! We have a limited number of Ultracast NorthAG Starter Armies and Ultracast Ancients Armies in the sale, so get in quickly. When they’re gone, they’re gone! Up to 35% off Battlegroup books 25% off […]

Si’s Xmas Special 2020: 15mm Carthaginians

Today we’ve launched a little festive treat on our website: a 15mm Ultracast Carthaginian Pacto Starter Army. “What’s so festive about that?”, you may well ask! Well, in conjunction with MeG designer Simon Hall, we’re making a limited edition run of 250 boxes with a pair of freebie nellies (elephants): Si’s Xmas Special: The first […]

Our first 20mm Ultracast release!

Our latest Ultracast release is here – and we think it’s VERY exciting because it’s our first 20mm WW2 set! Waffen-SS Grenadier Platoon: click here to find out more! Included in the box are 33 x 20mm miniatures: • 3 x HQ • 3 x NCOs • 12 x riflemen • 3 x Panzerfausts • […]

15mm Ultracast Hundred Years’ War English launched!

Our 15mm plastic Ultracast Hundred Years’ War English Army is now available on the website, retailing at £35. BUY YOURS HERE. Box contents: 3 x mounted generals, 6 x foot command, 18 x foot men-at-arms, 54 x longbowmen, 30 x billmen. These miniatures were previously released in metal by Corvus Belli and we are thrilled […]

Business as usual through November

Despite the new UK lockdown starting this Thursday, we’re staying open and will be shipping your online orders as normal. It is possible that there may be some disruption to your local postal service (as happened in the last lockdown), so please allow a few more days for your order to arrive. Stay safe (again) […]

The SAS come to NorthAG!

We’ve just released our next 10mm plastic Ultracast pouch – a British SAS Patrol. This set contains an SAS Land Rover and 4 troopers, and retails at £4.50. You can buy yours HERE.

10mm Ultracast Soviet Gvozdika pre-order

Ready to ship from Monday 2 November, we have the 10mm Soviet Gvozdika. You get two in a pouch and they will add some extra punch to your Soviet NorthAG army! Order HERE.

1/72 Tiger I back in stock!

Great news – one of our most popular 1/72 kits is now back in stock! You can order our Tiger I HERE.

New 10mm Ultracast Cold War pouches!

We’ve just added two new pouches to our Cold War/Northag range: a pouch of two British Spartans (plus two fire teams), and a pouch of two Soviet BRDM-2 Konkurs. Expand your forces today!    

1/72 Panzer IV back in stock!

Exciting news! Our 1/72 Panzer IV kit is finally back in stock! We’ve had a lot of requests about this one, so if you’ve been waiting patiently for its return, pick a box up HERE. Three vehicles are in the box and each sprue gives options to build either a F1, F2, G or H version […]