Mortem et Gloriam: Age of Attila

We’re very excited to announce that the first book in the Battles of the Great Commanders series, which supplements our Mortem et Gloriam rulebook, will be available very soon.  This book, covering campaigns around the Fall of the Roman Empire, will be shipped in September 2020, but you can order it now by clicking HERE.

Age of Attila is the first of the “Battles of the Great Commanders” companion series to Mortem et Gloriam. Each companion book covers the context, notable leaders, armies, history, campaigns and major battles of a specific period of ancient history, combining the latest research into a guide to the period. The books contain much detail that is useful to any Ancients gamer and, in addition, ready-made refights and campaign ideas for use with our popular Mortem et Gloriam ruleset. We hope they inspire historical refights and campaigns.

This book is a supplement for the Mortem et Gloriam Compendium Edition – it is not a standalone set of rules. We have further books planned in this series!

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