Si’s Xmas Special 2020: 15mm Carthaginians

Today we’ve launched a little festive treat on our website: a 15mm Ultracast Carthaginian Pacto Starter Army.

“What’s so festive about that?”, you may well ask! Well, in conjunction with MeG designer Simon Hall, we’re making a limited edition run of 250 boxes with a pair of freebie nellies (elephants):

Si’s Xmas Special: The first 250 boxes sold come with 2 FREE elephant miniatures in the box. When they’re gone, they’re gone!

Once the 250 boxes have sold, the Carthaginian Pacto Starter Army will continue to be available, and the elephants will be released as a support pouch.

Order yours now & we will begin to despatch from 1 December 2020 so you’ll receive them in time for Christmas.

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