Our first 20mm Ultracast release!

Our latest Ultracast release is here – and we think it’s VERY exciting because it’s our first 20mm WW2 set!

Waffen-SS Grenadier Platoon: click here to find out more!

Included in the box are 33 x 20mm miniatures:
• 3 x HQ
• 3 x NCOs
• 12 x riflemen
• 3 x Panzerfausts
• 3 x walking LMG teams (2 minis per team)
• 3 x prone LMG teams (2 minis per team)

These miniatures are manufactured under licence from Adler Miniatures.

Please note: We’ll begin shipping this product in the week commencing 16 November. If you order other products at the same time, they will be shipped at the same time as this item. We are unable to ship this product to Germany or Austria.

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