MeG and Northag release update

Since our last update, we have been determining how to best adapt to the current situation to ensure the safety of our staff while remaining operational as a business. Given the changes we previously announced, we’re able to continue operating but below our normal capacity.

Rest assured, we will continue to do all we can to support our valued customers with models and games to help you get through this unique and challenging period. Today we want to update you with the latest information about our two upcoming releases: MeG and NORTHAG.
Production of pre-orders for both products has been progressing nicely. The new 15mm ULTRACAST MeG figures are nearly complete and we have boxes on site and ready for packaging them. The MeG rulebook will be at the printers next week. Similarly, we have the ULTRACAST 10mm NORTHAG models nearly complete and the rulebook will arrive soon.

We were of course going to launch all of this at Salute, which has been postponed. Instead, we are going to launch with an exciting online programme.
MeG Day will have three webinars with the game system’s author Simon Hall and Dr. Simon Elliot (author of numerous popular books on Rome). They will give a rules overview, play and display a historical refight, and offer commentary and Q&A for viewers.

• Simon Hall – Battle of Catalania Plains 451AD with Attila facing the late imperial Romans.
• Dr. Simon Elliott – Battle of Sabis 57BC with Caesar’s later republican Romans ambushed by the Belgian Nervii.

Details will follow shortly, and you will be able to watch for free and join in the conversation pre-, mid-, and post-battle.

A series of podcasts and some pre-publication chapters will also be coming out in advance of MeG Day for you to enjoy and share with other enthusiasts. Age of Attila – our first Age of Great Commanders book by Richard Jeffrey-Cook – is likely to be out at the end of May.
n support of NORTHAG Day, our good friends at OnTabletop (Beasts of War) will be hosting the release with an interview with NORTHAG author, Warwick Kinrade, rulebook flick through, models review and unboxing and a superb product giveaway competition


Barring a shutdown at the printers or the couriers/PO you should have all these lovely new products to enjoy in late April or early May. Despite the current challenges, we remain enthusiastic and optimistic about the future. I can heartily recommend both MeG and NorthAg to you all. If you have never tried either of the periods do give them a try.

Looking forward, we have many exciting products being developed:
• The next wave of MeG ULTRACAST figures (on top of the Late Romans, Huns, Goths and Sassanids out at launch).
o Early Imperial Roman and Gallic sets using the highly regarded Corvus Belli masters
o Greeks and Persians sets using the equally renowned Xyston masters
o We are planning a rolling program of new box sets and unit pouches going forward
• For NORTHAG we will be rounding out the British and Soviet forces over the next few months and the Centag supplement next year with US, West German, east German and generic NATO models to accompany
• For Battlegroup we have the Pacific campaign supplement with accompanying range of miniatures in the works and Warwick is currently working away on the Stalingrad campaign supplement.
• For our existing 15mm and 20mm WW2 we have a number of new products planned including the 20mm 250 Neu, 17 pounder, some new 20mm infantry sets and a whole bunch of conversion kits.
• Simon Hall’s other triple CCC rules sets for Renaissance, WW2, Napoleonics and 1-1 skirmish games are all nearly completely developed.
• On the boardgame front, we have The Defence of Procyon III coming to Kickstarter on 21 April, with Rome & Roll, Britannia: Classic and Duel edition coming this spring/summer together with a reprint of the hugely popular Blitzkrieg! We also have some very exciting new big game projects we will be announcing soon…

Wishing you many hours of happy modelling and wargaming ahead.
Enjoy your hobby in the coming months but, most importantly, stay safe and be careful.

Will Townshend

2 Replies to “MeG and Northag release update”

  1. Stuart Dobson says:

    Have I missed the pre-order for Northag? I can’t find a way to do so on your site.

    1. Anita Beros says:

      H Stuart

      Yes im afraid the pre order closed several weeks ago. Some lines will go on general sale tomorrow.

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