6 Replies to “NEW RELEASE! 15mm German Sdkfz 250 ‘Neu’ Halftrack”

  1. Yimin Zong says:

    Can you please release the 1/72 scale version of the Sd.Kfz.250 Neu soon?

    1. Anita Beros says:

      Be avaialble in about a week-10 days

  2. Iskandar Hj Abd Ghani says:

    When will the 20mm/72 scale be available?

    1. Anita Beros says:

      Hopefully in the next week. Keep an eye on the website

  3. Sean says:

    Will the Company deal be offered like the Sdkfz Alte halftrack was?

    1. Anita Beros says:

      Yes thats correct it will be.

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