Waffen-SS Grenadier 81mm Mortars


Waffen-SS Grenadier 81mm Mortars

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Included in the pack are 2 mortar teams each of:
Mortar and 4 crew

These miniatures are manufactured under licence from Adler Miniatures.

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1 review for Waffen-SS Grenadier 81mm Mortars

  1. Tiffy

    This add-on set, comprising two 81mm mortars, is just what the doctor ordered as far as the main Waffen-SS Platoon set is concerned! As it is, the main set portrays a typical SS platoon of the late war period very well indeed, and I therefore considered it a just about perfect set as it stood when it was released. But if there was one thing no platoon would like to be without in combat, it was their mortar section, and there is no doubt that adding this set to your Waffen-SS platoon will be as equally valuable relatively as it would be on a real battlefield.
    The figures in this set follow exactly the same description as those in the platoon set, obviously from the hand of the same sculptor, and they are just as well detailed, including the nice chicken wire camo net on a couple of helmets, which is a lovely touch.
    The men are all posed as though they are in the heat of action — which is grand, for that is the main reason for the set! — and there are plenty of ammunition boxes included, some open displaying shells, and others in closed in pairs, all of which make for a duo of very dynamic mortar teams.
    The mortars themselves are very nicely detailed, each comprising two parts — barrel and baseplate as one, and the supporting legs the other, each incorporating their own portion rough ground on which they rest — which have to be glued together. I found that cyanoacrylate ‘Superglue’ worked splendidly on the Ultracast plastic, and to get the correct firing angle on the barrels, I first glued the completed mortars by the bases of their baseplates to some plasticard with ‘Superglue’, carefully pushing the barrels down to the desired angle once this was quite dry and gluing down the bases of the supporting leg portions. The glue takes very swiftly, and one is very soon in possession of a pair of excellent little models, ready to be painted (or even, as I did, simply rushed into battle quickly to try them out, before they will be painted later!).
    As it comes in the box, the Waffen-SS Platoon is quite a force to be reckoned with, but this truly splendid little add-on set will certainly beef up its fighting capacity considerably, making it a very valuable addition to the range indeed.

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