Waffen-SS Grenadier HMGs


Waffen-SS Grenadier HMGs

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Included in the pack are 2 HMG teams each of:
HMG on tripod and 4 crew

These miniatures are manufactured under licence from Adler Miniatures.

We are unable to ship this product to Germany or Austria.

Please note: Our new Ultracast ranges are proving so popular that we are currently casting to order, so please allow 7-10 days for your Ultracast order to despatch.

1 review for Waffen-SS Grenadier HMGs

  1. Tiffy

    As said of the other Ultracast sets, the sculpting throughout this one is excellent once again, and by the same sculptor as all the other Waffen-SS sets, giving a truly homogenous appearance to the full platoon as a whole when all four sets are combined. There is very little in the way of moulding lines, &c., to be cleaned up, and by virtue of the nature of the plastic used, what little there is (and there will just about always be some — the TLC required before painting is one of the things that makes figures truly one’s own, after all) was easily dealt with, leaving a beautiful duo of deadly MG teams, all set to give covering fire to the platoon’s advance, or to try to hold up that of the Allied forces.
    The MGs themselves are cast in one piece, making them very robust for the gaming table, and they are surprisingly well detailed considering the compromise that has to be made moulding such an intricate piece of equipment in one piece — jolly well done indeed!
    The only assembly necessary wit this set is gluing on the two loader’s heads (which have different helmet covers! An excellent touch!), for which cyanoacrylate ‘Superglue’ is probably the best choice — certainly it worked perfectly for me.
    What with six of these weapons already included being used in their LMG role in the main platoon set, and a pair of 81mm mortar teams available as an add-on, these two HMG teams will add a fearsome edge to the already terrible firepower you can bring to bear on the enemy.
    Wisely deployed — perhaps with some armour support, and with a dash of the good luck a soldier always hopes for in battle — the full Ultracast Waffen-SS unit, platoon and add-ons, will prove a tough proposition for any foe on the gaming table, I am sure!

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