Simon Hall Publishing Deal

Plastic Soldier Company is delighted to announce that it will be publishing all of Simon Hall’s future wargames rules. Simon first published as a co-author of Osprey’s Field of Glory and in 2016 published his own Mortem et Gloriam, which has established itself already as a firm favourite with Ancients players around the globe.

PSC’s Founder Will Townshend comments, “Having played Mortem et Gloriam, and several of his other games in development, I am convinced that the colour system Simon has developed has great potential across all periods and all battle games. It is easy to learn, fun to play and takes a lot of the brain-strain away from determining command and combat results.  We are looking forward to giving Simon’s games a big push and we will be adding figure and model ranges to go with each game.”

Simon Hall adds, “I have known PSC for many years, admired their WW2 ranges, and found in Will and his team fellow enthusiasts for the hobby. This partnership will get my rules on the shelves of game shops all around the world and will allow me to concentrate my time on the development of game systems. It’s very exciting to have the prospect of dedicated figures and models for my games and I am looking forward to working with Will and his team.”

Our first products together will be the Mortem et Gloriam Compendium which allows Mortem et Gloriam to be played in three sizes, ranging from a 20­–30 base compact version of the game playable on a small tabletop to the full 70–100 base big battle version. This will be followed by Men of Steel, a WW2 mass skirmish set for 20–28mm.

We’ll bring you further exciting updates and more details very soon!”

PLUS “Battlegroup Northag and new 10mm plastic miniatures range preorder program open from 18 October to 19 November 2019:-

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