EU shipping guarantee

With all the “challenges” and uncertainties of Brexit and the end of the transition period 1 January 2021, we want to make sure our lovely customers in the EU continue to get their PSC goodness without having to pay any extra costs around VAT, handling charges etc.


From what we understand currently we have come up with a cunning plan! If EU customers keep their orders below £60 and below 2kg in weight , we will be sending the order as a smaller Royal Mail parcel and any unpleasantness should be avoided!

To make this doubly secure for our customers we will offer the guarantee that, in the unlikely event of the customer being charged anything extra on delivery for VAT, handling, customs etc, we will reimburse the additional costs. So, to be safely under 2 kg, EU customers should follow these guidelines when placing an order:
  • One hardback book and one plastic kit, or
  • Up to two softback books and one plastic kit, or
  • Up to three plastic kits, or
  • One boardgame

We have a lot of exciting new products planned going forward and we don’t want our European friends missing out!

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