A quick update

We now have caught up with pretty much everything and are returning to fuller staffing. Many companies have found it impossible to keep operating at all, but we have managed to put out two major new product ranges. It has been an enormous effort from the team to do both during the Covid major lockdown. I can only thank them for their dedication, and I am sure you will all feel the same.

I would also like to thank all our customers for your patience through these very challenging times. Our turnaround times have been three times longer than usual and the postal system seems to be a random three-day to three-week delay. So patience is the only way. As modellers and gamers we have all persevered and it has been fantastic to see the response to the new rules and the painted models appearing on social media.

To get MeG out with the figures we had to displace the first supplement – Age of Attila – back a little. It is now going off for layout and typesetting.  We are finding it an excellent read so we are sure all those pre-ordered will find it worth the wait. MeG Author Simon Hall commented “I thought I knew a lot about this era, but I have learned a huge amount proofing the draft.  A great job by Richard. Hopefully it will encourage many historical refights and a few campaigns as well.”

We expect to ship them by mid-August.  The contents are as follows:

  • Background: Origin of the Huns
  • The Armies
  • The Invasion of Gaul
  • The Rise of Aetius
  • Attila invades the Balkans (with a mini campaign)
  • Catalaunian Plains (with ready set refights)
  • The Invasion of Italy
  • Campaign Ideas (with a wider campaign)

Of course, this one we have had to delay materially so if anybody would like a refund instead then just contact us at PSC and we can arrange it.  But having seen it now it is well worth the wait and a little more patience.

The second book Age of Athens has just been agreed as well.  We hope to make it a fine series.

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