Updates on Salute and upcoming releases

Updates on Salute and upcoming releases

As you most likely already know, Salute 2020 has been cancelled due to the current Covid-19 emergency. We wish the Warlords the best of luck in getting the show back up and running for 2021.
As for us, obviously we will not be at a show now for our big releases and our demo teams will be at a loose end!
We intend to continue as we are, getting Mortem et Gloriam and NorthAG and their miniatures ready to send out to pre-order backers as soon as possible.
We may encounter some delays due to the current environment, but currently all is well and on track.
We will then be looking at a huge online release of the systems to get it out to players. If you know of any podcasts or wargame chat shows that would like to have a chat with the designers, then let us know!
PSC will be open for business as usual through these testing times to make sure that our customers get what they need.
We will also be helping out with some specials and treats, so keep an eye on the website and social media!

Stay safe everyone
Best wishes
Team PSC


3 Replies to “Updates on Salute and upcoming releases”

  1. Adrian D says:

    Hope everyone at Team PSC is well. Best wishes to you all.
    Thanks for the update. A real pity, it would have been nice to catch up with you all at Salute.
    Will you consider doing a “show special” for online purchase?
    Take care

  2. Charles Richards says:

    Hope everyone is well in this current crisis.
    I am a WW2 Battlegroup rules player who also plays Modern and is looking forward to your Northag rules.
    I didn’t realise you were taking pre-orders and missed the chance.
    Can you tell me when the rules are likely for general release, and is it possible to order them in advance?

    Kind regards
    C Richards

    1. Anita Beros says:

      Hi there

      May time it will be available


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