Afrika Korps Platoon


Afrika Korps Platoon

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Included in the box are 44 x 20mm miniatures:

  • 5 x HQ
  • 3 x NCOs
  • 18 x riflemen
  • 3 x walking LMG teams
  • 3 x prone LMG teams

These miniatures are manufactured under licence from Adler Miniatures. Painted examples in the gallery are by Piers Brand.

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1 review for Afrika Korps Platoon

  1. Tiffy

    Another absolutely topping set in the Ultracast series, these Afrika Korps are a perfect complement to all the other D.A.K. sets out there.
    Having purchased each successive set as they were released, I have each time been greatly impressed by the wonderful detail incorporated in each figure and the excellent standard of sculpting, for some of these figures in particular are posed in a manner which would challenge any mould.
    Comparing these figures to period photographs and good artwork (such as the beautiful box art, in fact) it is very quickly apparent that everything is quite authentic, uniform- and weapon-wise, and there is just the right balance between men wearing caps to men wearing helmets—of the two officers, one gets one with each type of headgear, which is a smashing bonus!
    The machine-gun teams in this set are using the MG34, which makes them perfect for all the fighting undertaken by the Afrika Korps, and to have a pair of ammunition bearers to each gun is excellent value for money, considering that usually only one is provided per gun, and sometimes even none.
    The rest of the weaponry is just right too, with most men carrying the usual Mauser K98, and the officers and N.C.O.s carrying the MP40. There is no mortar included in the set, despite one being shown prominently on the box art; but as there is not one listed in the set contents this was quite expected, and hopefully one of the add-on sets waiting to be released will fill that gap perfectly.
    The sprue with the H.Q. figures really excited me, for each figure is lovely (I especially like the officer bawling orders—he looks like he means to be heard over the din of battle!) and though there is no radio or field telephone for communications, there is a man dashing off with his rifle, obviously a messenger orderly—the good old standby for when more modern methods of contact have failed. This is something I cannot remember ever seeing in a set such as this; though one can always use any running man for such a task, it is wonderful to have one provided as such deliberately—I shall use him to liaise between the H.Q. fellows and a command half-track, where the radio shall be.
    The appearance of the whole platoon posed together is one of great dynamism—each man is very busy, and will undoubtedly give one’s British and Commonwealth forces a jolly stiff run for their money on the gaming table. To sum up, I consider these figures quite excellent and they fit in perfectly alongside the rest of my Afrika Korps forces, which up until now comprised the good old Matchbox and Revell sets—this set really sets them off!

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