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MeG Pre-Order

Welcome to the pre-order. The official launch is Salute 2020, but buying here will not only get you a great deal but get you everything a bit earlier. We have a range of goodies for you and some great offers! GO STRAIGHT TO SHOP or read below for more information from author Simon Hall about each item.

COMPENDIUM EDITION This 240-page hardback book with a new look and 20 world class pieces of artwork by Giuseppe Rava. It will integrate all clarifications, include a more extensive set of diagrams and will combine Maximus, Magna and Pacto in a single volume. Here’s the draft cover and a page layout to give you an idea of what is to come….

CCC Sets
These have command cards and discs, a disc bag and a set of wound/slow markers. All are blended with grass background to make games look great.
The wound and slow markers have printed casualties and troops on them. Here’s the discs as an example ..

Combines the Compendium and the CCC set into a single boxed package.
In the pre-order this comes with a FREE PACTO HUNNIC ULTRACAST set of 15mm figures (64 cavalry) worth £35.
So if you buy you get a the full £85 of kit for just £50! A massive 40% discount.

ULTRACAST Plastic 15mm Figures
Our Pacto box sets have 64 cavalry or 128 infantry or
some combination thereof for the amazing price of £35.
All are moulded from some of the best metal sculpts in existence.

The first of our “army list” books features a selection of list for the Age of Attila, along with details of campaigns and battles, the troops and the generals involved.
Written by the MeG list-meister himself Richard Jeffrey-Cook, this is a must if you love the late Roman era.

Our Maximus and Pacto Battle Mats are designed to match the CCC system and have a grass effect on one side and a desert plains on the other.
Printed on high grade mouse mat materials, they avoid creases and give a great backdrop for any game. They include MeG deployment lines finely printed in a way that is near invisible but findable for deployment when you look. The system will be expanded to pre-printed terrain.

We have a range of our other accessories on pre-order as well if you want to pick them up at the same time: dice sets, cad holders & measuring sticks.