Waffen-SS Grenadier Panzerschrecks


Waffen-SS Grenadier Panzerschrecks

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Included in the pack are 2 Panzerschreck teams:
Firer & loader kneeling
Firer & loader prone

These miniatures are manufactured under licence from Adler Miniatures.

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1 review for Waffen-SS Grenadier Panzerschrecks

  1. Tiffy

    I was overjoyed at the release of the Waffen-SS Platoon set, for it was long overdue in 20mm scale in plastic, and I could not fault it. The lack of heavier weapons did not seem to matter unduly, for the set appeared as many Waffen-SS platoons do in period photographs; but now we have the new add-on sets, the platoon has indeed become what I consider a quite perfect set in full.
    The main platoon set includes three panzerknackers, armed with the single shot Panzerfaust; but they are just three soldiers trained to use that weapon, whilst this add-on set comprises two teams of purposely trained, dedicated panzerknackers, armed with the re-loadable and deadly Panzerschreck.
    Once again the work of the same sculptor as the other Waffen-SS sets, these four figures are all very well produced, with excellent detail to both the men and their weapons — including the little window in the Panzerschreck’s blast shield, and the face of the soldier behind it too, which is quite splendid!
    All the uniform details are as superb as ever, with a nice diversity of helmets — one is uncovered, two have cloth covers, and one has the excellently rendered chicken wire camouflage net which so many German soldiers seem to have liked, judging by the amount of times it shows up in period photographs, and also in surviving helmets.
    Each team comprises a Panzerschreck man and his loader, each of the latter holding a rocket ready for reloading whilst the weapon is obviously ready to be fired. One team is kneeling, and the other prone, the loader of the prone team having a box with further rockets on the ground beside him.
    With the addition of this superb little add-on set, one puts the final edge in heavy man-portable firepower to the platoon, making it a tough nut, not just for Allied infantry, but also their supporting armour, to tangle with.
    The only outstanding feature to complete the Waffen-SS Platoon now would be a sniper add-on set; and as Adler, who produced the originals of these figures made Waffen-SS sniper teams, perhaps we will see those too? Whatever the case, combining the main platoon set with this and the other two available add-ons gives one the most excellent Waffen-SS unit one can get in this scale, which has been overdue for so long — very exciting figures indeed!

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