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The Intriguing Gondoliering Game…

Venice is a thrilling medium-weight Euro set in the titular 16th century city, that serves as a ‘spiritual’ sequel to Ragusa.

Venice lets players take the role of wealthy, influential merchants as they ride their gondolas up and down the city’s canals, train their assistants, complete contracts, and leverage their influence to gain political power. But business is anything but usual. As they broker contracts and flirt with crime,
merchants must avoid arousing the suspicion of the Venetian Inquisition, lest they find themselves arrested and their businesses shut down.

Network and Route Building, Trading, Worker Placement

Key features

  • Avoid arrest – Intrigue is gained if you pass other merchants too often.
    While this can help your political career you must be careful not to be
    arrested by the Inquisition and barred from victory!
  • Complete contracts – Load your gondolas with goods to
    complete missions and outpace your rivals.
  • Enhance workers – Dock at buildings to advance assistants
    up the career ladder, allowing them to do more!

Ages: 14+
Players: 1-5
Duration: 60-90 minutes

Game Design: Andrei Novac & Dávid Turczi

Art/Illustration: Bartlomiej Roczniak

• 1 Game board
• 5 Player boards
• 10 Boats
• 10 Bridges
• 50 Assistants
• 5 Gondoliers
• 26 Mission cards
• 22 Influence cards
• 27 Doge cards
• 5 Favour cards
• 24 Smuggler cards
• 12 Building tiles
• 20 Trackers
• 8 Game pieces
• 66 Resource cubes
• 45 Coins
• 1 Rulebook

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