Mortem et Gloriam Gallic Pacto Starter Army


Mortem et Gloriam Gallic Pacto Starter Army


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These plastic miniatures are based on the superb metal range by Corvus Belli, and we are delighted to get them back into production.

15mm Ultracast plastic figures

Box contents:

3 x mounted command (assorted mix of poses)

7 x foot command (assorted mix of poses)

21 x naked fanatic infantry (assorted mix of poses)

42 x warrior infantry (assorted mix of poses)

6 x noble cavalry (assorted mix of poses)

12 x unarmoured cavalry (assorted mix of poses)

4 x slinger infantry (assorted mix of poses)

4 x javelin infantry (assorted mix of poses)


Painted examples in the gallery are by Nik Gaukroger and Phillip Nash.


Please note: 
Our new Ultracast ranges are proving so popular that we are currently casting to order, so please allow 7-10 days for your Ultracast order to despatch.
This is great news for the future of course, and we are figuring out how best to expand our ranges in the coming months.


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