January Specials!!!

Happy New Year!! Please check out the following January Specials. 20% -40% off these following lines

WW2V15015 Sexton 20% off!!

WW2015014 Fallschirmjager Heavy Weapons 20% off!!

WW2V15002 Panzer Iv 20% off!!

WW2V20026 Honey 20% off!!

WW2V20030 SU-76 20% off!!

WW2G20004 Loyd 6pdr 20% off!!

Also our Martin Wallace January Deal

MWD001 Lincoln and Milito 40% off!!

Battlegroup Deal

TTD001 Torch and Tobruk 40% off!!

2 Replies to “January Specials!!!”

  1. Norman Stewart says:

    Hi. I received a box of 15 mm German Panzer IV for Christmas. However one of the pre made track sprues appears to be for a Russian T34. Would it be possible to send me the correct sprue please so that I can complete my models so that they all look the same. I do not intend to use the side armour . I could send you a photo, but cannot see where to attach it. My address is 46 Forest Park, Stonehaven, Scotland, AB39 2GF. 07742906108 Many thanks Norman.

    1. Anita Beros says:

      Hi so sorry about that ill send out the correct one to you on the 2nd when we reopen
      Kind regards

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